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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Answering Christian


Why does Muslims adhere on a religion that imposes fear to his God? Isn't God deserves to be loved instead of feared? Even more, Muslims are required to have hope upon his God, isn't that's a feeling that contradicts each other?

In Christian, we love our Lord, Jesus the Savior. We are being forgiven as long as we have faith in Him. We believe that this is the best faith, where we don't have to fear our own loving God, and we worship Him, drink His Blood and taste His Flesh out of love, not fear.

It is true that we Muslims have sense of fear to our Lord, Allah s.w.t., and at the same time we have to have hope, and also love, the strongest love to Him, stronger that anything else in this world. This concept has to be understood properly. Fearing Him, does not mean that a Muslim should not love Him. A child, for example, loves his parents so much, but at the same time, has a sense of fear, fear that his parents will punish him if he had done wrong or behave improperly. If we should see from the parents' point of view, should the parents punish their child, if they had done wrong?

Of course, and the punishment is for their own good, so that they will not repeat that mistake again. At the same time, the sense of fear within the child himself will be some sort of guardian upon himself, so that he will behave properly, and thus, didn't hurt or affect himself or anyone else besides him. Now, shall we ask, does the child have hope upon his parents? Why, yes, that will be certain. After behaving properly, listen carefully to the words of his parents, certainly the child will hope rewards from his parents, especially in the form of love to him.
Can't we say now, that the child love, fear and hope for his parents' love, simultaneously? If we can accept this idea, then why the same idea cannot be accepted, with regarding to Islamic view of people and their Lord?

Even more, Allah loves us more than our parents love us. Once, the Prophet (pbuh) was having a walk with his companions, when they saw a mother was carrying his baby. The Prophet asked the companions, "Do you think there is anyone else that loves the baby more than his mother?" The companions answered, "No, O Messenger of Allah, there is no one else" The Prophet said "Indeed there is, that is Allah. Allah loves the baby more than his mother. Allah created for him his mother, so that he will live in peace and love. Allah also created milk in his mother's breast, so that he can drink from it, stay away from hungriness, and makes him feel warm and safe".
For that, Allah deserves our highest degree of love. He created us out of nothing and put us into existence. He even gave us His sustenance. For that, wouldn't it be just for Him to punish us, if we ignore Him? Wouldn't the act of ignorance to Allah even more serious than to ignore our parents? Obviously His punishment will be far greater than our parents, and for that, wouldn't it be necessary for us to fear Him. In fact, the fear of Him will be a reminder for us to behave properly according to His Syariah. If we had done good and follow His Syariah accordingly, wouldn't it be just for us to hope for His love and rewards, just like the case of a child and his parents I mentioned above?

As the matter of fact, Christians claim that as long as we believe in Jesus Christ, that he came for our salvation, we will be pardon, no matter what our sin was. But why then, those Christians countries including America, are putting those who committed crime in jail? Why are they punishing them, even some of them are being put into death sentence without any pardon? Aren't these contradict with the believe that ALL people will be forgiven just as long as they believe?

In contrast, if in any case, those who believe in Jesus committed crime, will be forgiven just like that, wouldn't that will bring harms to other people?
In conclusion, fear and hope is the best sense to be included in any forms of worship. You will never find other sense that is better than this.

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